Poker is a beloved card game that boasts more than 100 million active players worldwide. Having been around for generations, the game regularly attracts new fans thanks to its exciting gameplay and various iterations. From the classic Texas Hold’em poker to crypto-backed online poker, there’s a version of the game for everyone — which is why it’s likely that you have several friends who are players themselves.

If you’re gift-shopping for a poker aficionado, here are some awesome gift ideas you can bet they’ll love:

Stylish poker sunglasses

From poker pros to celebrity players, sunglasses are used as a means of hiding one’s “tells” (or signals regarding your intentions in the game). Simply put, because it’s important to be able to bluff when playing poker, sunglasses are helpful tools that prevent your eyes from giving you away. You can read the room without compromising your “poker face.”

There are many types of sunglasses you can give, naturally, but try to find a pair that’s totally opaque or mirrored. This way, even in bright light, opponents can’t see through the lenses. In terms of style, a timeless aviator or wayfarer frame will provide full coverage and be fashionable enough to be worn even outside the poker room.

A poker chip set

If your poker-loving pal frequently hosts poker night, they’ll appreciate a good set of poker chips. To choose a suitable set of chips, first determine if they typically play cash games or just-for-fun tournaments. Both involve the same general equipment, but the former usually requires chips with value numbers whereas the latter can work with blank chips. Once you’ve considered this, you’ll want to decide on the material of the chips. Plastic ones are fine, but ceramic chips feel better and last longer. Finally, to complete the set, look for one that also come with a hard case, card decks, and buttons for dealers and blinds.

With the right poker chip set, your friend can enjoy a more immersive poker game.

Themed poker memorabilia

Poker memorabilia is a great way to celebrate your friend’s passion for poker. If your friend has a dedicated poker space, you can gift larger items like a game room sign or poker art. This could be something customized or it can be a classic poker print like the “Dogs Playing Poker” painting. Alternatively, if they have a smaller space or tend to be more low-key, you can gift poker-themed coasters or whiskey glasses. This way, the gift can serve them perfectly well in everyday life, but will also be a perfect fit the next time they want to create a poker atmosphere.

Helpful poker books

Although many people think poker is purely about luck, it’s actually very strategic. As such, it’s important for players to have educational references. For newer players, gift a book of poker terms that goes beyond the obvious ones like “bluff” and “fold.” For players who really want to “speak the language,” it’s important to know other terms like the names of hands, the actions one can take at the table, and what outcomes are called. More experienced players, meanwhile, will appreciate something like an advanced strategy book. There are plenty written by poker stars and designed to impart tips on the mental, physical, and logical aspects of the game.

A poker table

If you want to go all out, buy your friend a poker table! There are many options on the market, but as a general poker tip, you should choose a lined round table. This way, nobody’s too far from the dealer and the surface will be smooth. Depending on your budget, you could choose a table that is made of metal or hardwood. Metal is a bit sturdier and requires less upkeep, but hardwood is more aesthetically pleasing. Finally, for an extra touch, you can also consider a table that comes with LED lighting, elbow padding, and/or cup holders. This way, your friend can create a rich casino-like ambiance during every poker get-together

Gift-giving can be tricky, but it’s easier when your intended recipient has a hobby. The next time you go gift shopping for your card shark buddy, leaning into their interests will ensure that they’ll be using and loving your gift for a long time.

Thank you for reading, and for more guides on shopping for friends with special hobbies, check out this post as well.