As Christmas draws near, the pressure of being unprepared for everyone on our list grows. We’re running out of time and we still have people we want to buy gifts for.

We need a last-minute gift idea that will be perfect for any wine lover in our life and not only will it make sure we get everything off our list but it also lets us know we pulled off a perfect gift box choice no matter how bad of a job we did on the other gifts. This is important because what wine lovers really want this time of year is cool, unique, and unusual wine gifts that not everyone else got them.

Don’t panic — we’ve got you covered with these ten present ideas.

  1. A Beautifully Crafted Classic Wine Basket

Whether she loves to sip a red or white — we’ve got the premium gift set for her too! Our beautifully crafted Classic Wine Basket is an ideal gift for any wine lover. The receiver will cherish the basket’s high quality and elegant design for many years to come.

  1. A Wine Cellar To Keep Her Beverages Safe

The wine cellars are large, complex, and expensive items that can hold up to thousands of bottles of wine. This makes them perfect stocking stuffers.

  1. A Wine Storage Holder

For those who like to drink wine on the go, you can never have too much. The wine storage holder will help keep her wine fresh and tasting great even when she drinks it on the go.

  1. An Exclusive Set Of Wine Glasses

Wine glasses lend a sense of sophistication and class to any dining or cocktail party. They are also quite beautiful to look at. The wine glasses set can be used to serve red or white wine or even champagne.

  1. A Wine Storing Set

If your friend is an aficionado of wine, she’ll definitely love this authentic vintage wine spending gift set. It comes with a wooden box that opens up for easy access to the containers inside. In addition, there are three smaller boxes for different kinds of bottles, and it can even keep her favorite bottle chilled! Get this unique stocking stuffer now!

  1. An Exclusive Wine Bottle Holder

Wanna impress your new neighbor? Then why not gift him a wine bottle holder. It keeps any wine bottles safe and protected from the elements. It also looks pretty cool, so it’s a great gift too!

  1. A Mini Wine Tumbler

Even though she can’t carry around a full bottle in her bag, she’ll still be able to enjoy her daily glass of wine by using this mini wine tumbler. The glasses are made from toughened glass and are durable enough to be used every day.

  1. A Wine Cork Ornaments

Another gift set any enthusiast of wine will love is a set of wine cork ornaments. The gift box comes with four wine cork ornaments, enough for one pair of glasses. They make a lovely surprise gift as well as a decoration for any home.

  1. A Wine Sommelier Gift Set

In the market for a unique yet thoughtful gifts for business partners? Then this wine sommelier gift set is ideal for you. The box includes a booklet that may teach or entertain your friend with some basic information on wine. In addition to the book, there will be a wine palate set and a selection of tasting notes too!

  1. A Gift Set For The Gourmet Cook

Wine is the main ingredient in many of the most delicious recipes around the world. If you know your friend is a foodie and loves to cook, what better gift than a gift set for the gourmet cook! It will come with an ingredients book and a wine tasting guide.

P.S: Better if you’re in Paris or San Francisco since most of our gift sets are made in Paris. If you are not, you can always check out Iamyoubox for gift box ideas.

These are our top ten last-minute gift ideas for wine lovers. So if you still don’t have an idea for that special someone, at least you can cross wine off your list!

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