Citrine Cathedrals are breathtaking works of beauty that Mother Nature has crafted. These gorgeous, golden-yellow crystal creations have spiritual and healing effects and are a beautiful addition to any home.

However, they must be treated with care to retain their natural shine and vitality. Here are some of the proper ways to care after your Citrine Cathedral.

Why You Should Polish Your Citrine Cathedrals?

Over time, Citrine Cathedrals can gather dust, fingerprints, and negative energy, just like any other decorative object. Cleaning has two functions:

  • Its appearance remains unchanged
  • To restore its curative and mystical powers

What Materials do you need?

  • Mild soap
  • Bristle brush
  • Purified water
  • Soft fabric/cloth
  • Smudges (optional)

How To Clean and Maintain Citrine Cathedrals 

Basic Cleaning

Dusting: Dust the surface with a soft brush to remove debris. Citrine can be scratched; therefore, getting into all the crevices is important without being too abrasive.

Wiping: Use a damp towel to wipe the crystal gently, and you should be able to get rid of any remaining dirt. Also, distilled or filtered water is preferable to tap water because of the potential for chemical reactions.

Deep Cleaning

You may need a comprehensive clean on your Citrine Cathedral if a superficial dusting and mopping isn’t. Here’s how:

Using mild soap:

  • Make a solution of a gentle, chemical-free detergent and distilled water
  • Gently wipe the citrine with a soft cloth. You may damage the crystal by moving too roughly around it.


  • Use clean water to remove all traces of soap since this could leave a film on the crystal and dull its shine.

Energy Cleaning 

Citrine Cathedrals could use an energy cleanse in addition to a regular cleaning. Despite Citrine’s reputation for self-cleaning, it benefits from occasional energizing cleansing.

  • Therefore, burn some sage or Palo Santo on the smudge stick and then wave the smoke over the Citrine creation to purify it.
  • Natural sunlight is ideal for citrine. Try recharging it by leaving it in the moonlight or indirect sunshine for a few hours.

Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

Performing regular upkeep will ensure that your Citrine Cathedral always looks magnificent. To avoid accumulation, dust the surface frequently with a soft brush. Clean it gently once a month with warm water. Cleaning crystals with strong chemicals or detergents can diminish their inherent luster.

Get in Touch with a Specialist

The continued existence of your Citrine Cathedral depends on expanding the scope of care to include professional assistance. If you notice cracks, chips, or a substantial decrease in shine that you cannot restore with regular home maintenance, it may be time to call in the experts.

Professionals can advise you on how to care for your artwork and assess its condition. Because putting off dealing with these problems could result in irreparable harm, getting professional help is in your best interest.


Citrine Cathedrals are beautiful and therapeutic. With the right care and attention, it can last many years as an attractive and functional addition to your decor. Put this advice into practice, and your Citrine Cathedral will flourish.