Appreciating employees for their efforts boosts their morale and results in higher employee retention and productivity. When considering organizing an employee recognition program, recognizing employees with gift card rewards can be an effective solution. Most companies assign their human resource department the responsibility to reward gift card incentives. But employees feel more satisfied when they are recognized directly by their department managers. This article comprises creative ways for departments to use gift card incentives to acknowledge their team members.

Engineering and Product

Product managers and engineers who create and manage software and other tools always experience higher demand. Companies can retain such skilled and talented players with lucrative gift card rewards.

Here listed are some ideas for when the engineering and product department can reward its employees with gift cards:

  • At the successful launch of a new product or new feature in an old product.
  • Surpassed the previous record of fixing bugs.
  • When the team creates the product roadmap.
  • At the successful completion of product or sprint backlog.


Many companies think of rewarding their sales team with commissions. But it isn’t enough. Recognizing the sales team’s efforts with gift card incentives can encourage employees and boost sales to a great extent.

The sales manager can recognize his team with corporate gift card incentives for:

  • The number of calls made to and time spent on prospects.
  • The number of product demos given to prospects.
  • Accuracy of sales forecasts.
  • The number of outbound leads driven to the company.
  • Achieving higher customer satisfaction ratings.
  • The number of referrals acquired from existing buyers.
  • The number of sales proposals drafted.


The marketing team is often asked to promote employee rewards, but the team is not recognized as much as other departments. Always remember that there could be no sales team without marketing.

Here listed are some ideas for when the marketing department can reward its employees with gift cards:

  • Successfully launched a marketing campaign.
  • Updated the brand identity into a fresh and unique one.
  • Achieved monthly lead generation goals or higher conversion rates.
  • Driven more followers to the company’s social media platforms.
  • Successfully hosted a webinar.

Customer Service

The customer service department is crucial for the company’s smooth functioning as it helps retain more customers, discover cross-sell opportunities and close deals. The department can give gift card incentives to appreciate:

  • The employees have the highest satisfaction rating in the monthly customer interaction surveys.
  • The employees provide an exceptional customer experience.
  • The reps beat the average target resolution or ticket time.


Corporate gift card rewards are among the best buffers a company can implement to engage and motivate employees. And receiving such incentives directly from their immediate managers can boost their morale to the next level. In addition, gift cards can help department managers build successful relationships with their team and encourage continuous efforts and loyalty. However, there are a few things that managers need to bear in mind. They must shop for authentic, fulfilling, and personalized corporate gift cards meeting their employees’ wishlists.