For women who like staying fashionable at all times, nothing can make more of a style statement than shoes. The real challenge however lies in finding the perfect fit for one’s feet. To add to the woes, there is a wide plethora of options to make women spoilt for choice! But come rain or shine- there’s one style of women’s shoes that we never really get tired of. The pumps and peep toes are always in fashion and can instantly change the very look!

Perfect with every attire

If you love floral dresses, or the long maxi gowns or simple check printed shirts and bottoms- trust women’s platform pumps shoes to do wonders to the look. Alternatively, you can try a pair of peep toe strappy heels. Women are usually fond of colours like pinks, magenta, brown, purple, red, green, blue and yellow, among several others. But it is also advisable to team up a chic look with just a simple neutral pair. Try doing this the next time with floral or stripes and you can see the difference. Wedge heels with the peep toed shoes are also a great match.

Anytime, anywhere

The next time you have an office meeting scheduled in the wee hours of the morning or you need to catch up with clients for a quick brunch or simply head to the nearest lounge, post work with friends- trust your platform heeled pumps or flats to pull you out of the rut. Try dressing a little out-of-the-box, and see the difference you can make. For example, instead of the same old, boring business casuals, choose a tropical printed skirt and a neutral shirt. Now complement the look with your tan pumps and secure all the attention right away! If the season is summer, you can also play around a bit with the colours- like teaming the same look, but with bright shaded heels like bubblegum pink, cobalt blue or canary yellow.

Now coming to winters, you can try combining few styles together. For anyone who told you that pumps aren’t suitable or doesn’t make for appropriate fashion shoes to battle through the city, cold winds- stand mistaken! Try slipping into your formal trousers or even tights (opaque ones preferably) and see how you make a mark in the fashion department with your pump shoes. Just ensure that if the bottom wear has patterns, then you stick around only safe neutrals like blacks and browns. Since it’s winter, wrap a nice stole or scarp, on top of a fashionable overcoat.

Think before purchasing

The best part about pumps is that they constitute good fashion shoes for women. If you check out the retail units at your locality or even go for high-end brands- there will be plenty in varied hues, sizes and shapes and of course, styles. Always think about your personal preference and make the purchase. Never make the mistake of investing on something because you took a liking to it, seeing someone wear! Though it’s usually recommended to try out options, but if you don’t have the time or desire to visit a physical store, consider visiting