Do you ever think about the benefits you will get when you subscribe to a jewelry box? From those lovely designs to expensive pieces of jewelry. The jewelry subscription boxes will give you different choices to add to your collection without spending all your money. You might be curious about what benefits you will get when you subscribe to a monthly jewelry box.

The jewelry is quite expensive

When you see the jewelry that is made out of precious gems and metals it is expensive. There are added costs for the designer’s fee and custom fitting for making jewelry. All these can make the price go higher which makes them unaffordable or be on the cart items. When you love jewelry there are subscription boxes like Nikola Valenti. They are affordable compared to buying them at the physical store.

You have the freedom to choose which one you like and it lets you set a budget for your jewelry so you won’t spend too much. The good thing about these subscription boxes is they have a fixed monthly fee. There are other options aside from monthly fees, the prepaid options. You can buy several months’ worth of merchandise in advance. It will also matter on the service. There are others that you have to pay for the shipping fee. But in some services like Nikola Valenti, it is already free because you avail their products.


When you compare buying on the physical store you will spend time looking at all the designs and you cannot afford some of them. The benefit of jewelry subscription boxes is that they are convenient. They are delivering all your goods at your front door and you don’t feel any pressure when you visit a jewelry store. These boxes have come into different selections. All that you’re looking for is here. It could be a necklace, earrings, watches, or bracelets. And because it has different options you can find what you’re looking for at an affordable price.

It is nickel-free

People sometimes have a nickel allergy which is uncomfortable when you have it. The nickel properties are being added to metal alloys which prevent the jewelry from having any corrosion. There is a study that nickel compounds can cause cancer in adults. It doesn’t mean that all your jewelry will give you cancer. but it doesn’t mean that all the jewelry you’re wearing doesn’t have harmful compounds.

The nickel allergy makes you unable to wear any type of jewelry. The cheaper it gets the higher amount of nickel compounds it has. It is also the reason to buy high-quality jewelry to avoid any of this to happen. Great news that subscription boxes are nickel-free and hypoallergenic jewelry. The boxes will be comfortable to wear and it is safe. Not only is it high-quality but it is made with the right care and durability.

Perfect for gifts

The subscription box is perfect for gifts as you can give them to your friends and family at any age. People love to receive jewelry on any occasion and it is made affordable to make your loved ones happy. It is more convenient than buying from a physical store.