Do you sometimes think about what kind or type of coffee beans are being used in your coffee? The chances that you know your coffee beans are quite often. When you love coffee you might want to know the main types of coffee beans that are used and found in the market. These are the Robusta, Liberica, Excelsa and Arabica. All these four types of coffee have a distinct taste and smell. You want to know how the bean to cup coffee machine is made.



Robusta is the second most-produced bean around the world. From its name Robusta bean, it is resistant to any kind of disease. This kind of bean can grow in a hot climate that has unstable rainfall and few altitudes. When you compare this to an Arabica bean the Robusta bean is producing twice the caffeine.

This means they are producing a high quality of coffee which can give you a real boost and strong flavors. The texture of the bean is smooth and looks like chocolate that is perfect to add a little milk and sugar to it.


It is the type of coffee bean that is hard to find. The texture of this bean is larger when you compare it to other beans and it has a unique or irregular shape. This is the only one around the world that has this kind of shape which makes it hard to find. Not only in the shape that this bean is unique but also in the aroma. Others say that it is not only smoky but you can smell floral and fruity once it is diluted in hot water.


Excelsa is known to be in the Liberica family in which the taste is different. Once it is compared to the Liberica bean. This bean was discovered in Africa in the 20th century. The Excelsa coffee is a classic, strong and productive kind of bean. And because it is unique it is quite hard to be seen in the world’s coffee market. There is quite a lot of information about this bean on how it is roasted because it only grows in small quantities.


Arabica is the most known type of bean around the world. These are mostly produced in large quantities and it is a better quality of beans. The coffee beans that are mostly produced are the Arabica beans. The beans grow in the higher altitudes and it needs to have an ample amount of rainfall and shade.

The reason why it is the most produced bean around the world is that it is easy to take care of, they are small and easy to trim. But they are intricate and easily affected by the environment. This kind of bean is flavorful and rich in the aroma which most people love. The beans are known to have a higher level of taste.

The beans have a sweeter taste and are smoother with sugar and chocolate. You can sometimes taste a fruity flavor or berries.