Before you think of purchasing the pod vape kits, you need to be familiar with the various vape types in the market. Whether you are out looking for the best pod kits or best vape kits, understand what you are going to use it for so that you settle for what is best for you.

On demand vapes

They are the vapes which are best in case you are out looking for one which you can utilize occasionally in small hits. They are vapes that conserve a lot of material, working more efficiently. They are the best when you want to do the vaping in seclusion.

Conduction vs convection vapes

Science is also important in the vaping world. For convection vapes they are the ones which heat the air, filters it via a chamber to vaporize the oil and due to that, it makes them to be better at being able to bring you a pull which is even. Such vapes are also known to be higher quality and tastier vapor.

The downside of such is that, unless you are cleaning the convection vapes every now and then, the vape content will melt over in the chamber, ending up to spoil the taste and in certain cases,  making it to clog completely.

Conduction vapes utilize the heating element which is required in touching the oil itself before it can be vaped.  It tends to be a bit user-friendly because you get instant control when it comes to temperature and it will cost you less. There was a time when conduction was the most preferred but the convection vapes have improved making the numbers to change.

Vapes are known to be healthier

To smoke is not healthy as you will have to fill your lungs with the carcinogens but to vape doesn’t do that. Using the regular tobacco cigarettes contains over 7000 chemicals with most of them being poisonous.