The recent news stories have made many wonder if hemp oil is the answer for many of the ills of our economy and environment. Hemp oil has been touted as a miracle crop that can solve all of America’s problems. It seems to create jobs, improve the soil, cure all diseases, eliminate global warming and even help people lose weight. The hype surrounding this superfood is partly due to its unique background as a seed discovered by an English farmer in the 19th century.

While there is no doubt that hemp can play a large part in improving our health and the world we live in, it is simply unrealistic to think that everything can be made better with one crop. Most of the benefits from using this oil are focused on our food. We already know that many crops grown for consumption have very high levels of pesticides and chemicals which can have negative effects on our bodies and on the environment. But, we also know that some crops can make us healthier and better off without using these harmful products.

One crop that hemp oil would definitely benefit from is rice. High levels of phosphates are found in most rice crops grown for consumption. Phosphates are responsible for the rough texture of our rice grains and make the food taste bland. By eliminating the phosphates in the rice plant during the growing process, you end up increasing the amount of nutrients in the finished product. This makes hemp oil an excellent alternative to regular rice.

One of the other benefits is found in nuts. While they do not have the same benefits as does hemp oil, nuts have a long history of being used both medicinally and commercially. One of the major benefits of this oil is that it works well in cutting down on the amount of fat found in your foods.

Other benefits found in hemp seeds include protection of the heart and brain. Researchers have found that many diseases are caused by toxins in the body. Hemp is one of few crops that can help protect our body from these harmful toxins. As more people become aware of the benefits of hemp seeds and oil, there will likely be an increase in its use both medicinally and commercially.

We need to look into the many ways that Synchronicity hemp oil hand sanitizer can be made better and healthier. With its use as a primary ingredient in so many different products, it would seem silly not to try and take advantage of this incredible resource. It will most likely become a staple in the everyday lives of those who care about their bodies. As we continue to see the tremendous benefits of this crop, we can only imagine what it can do for the world we live in.