If you’re a woman interested in shoes, you might want to read this whole pile of information because it’s about types of shoes for women. There are different types of shoes for women, and you can get all of them either from your locality or online. Beginning with flats or more specifically pointy flats and slippers, flats and slippers provide height and glamour without the pain, and they are also not very expensive; if you are looking for cheap clothing, then these are perfect for you. They’re perfect for staying off your feet after a long day on them at work or shopping but still looking polished to go out on the town with friends to hang out. You can also go for some running or sneakers as they are very much in trend.

There are majorly five types of shoes present in the market. Each type of shoe has a specific use and a shoe for a particular occasion

1) Running shoes

 They are most commonly used by athletes who want to improve their performance. Running shoes come from the running category and are designed with the sole purpose of providing both style and functionality for runners who take their training seriously. These shoes usually have studs added for extra traction, increased heel height that will help to lean you forward, and they can also be bought in different colors to make your personality shine.

2) Fashion sneakers

These go-to footwear pieces can be worn both casually and on a night out on the town with your partner or friends. Sneakers come in a different color combination each time to add a bit of vibrancy to your overall outfit. These shoes are pretty lightweight and consist of a high heel added for easy walking, foot support, slim sole that makes it comfortable on your feet. They are more expensive than running shoes but are cheaper than some other branded sneakers.

3) Kick-scooter

These shoes are made for kids who want to have fun. These shoes can be bought in bright colors, patterns and with different types of animals on them. They are perfect for kids since they are extremely lightweight and protect the feet from any hard objects. This is especially beneficial to kids who live in areas with rough terrain or many rocks and sharp objects.

4) Beach shoes

These shoes are similar to casual footwear, but they also have rubber soles to make it easier for you to walk on the sand. They can be worn by men and women alike and come in different styles, colors, designs which make them very attractive.

5) Formal Shoes

These shoes mostly come in black or black with a brown sole, deemed the most formal of shoe shades. These shoes can be worn at formal functions like weddings, parties, dinners, etc.; if you are looking for some affordable formal shoes, you can search on the internet about cute flat shoes, and the results will get to you to some decent formal wear shoes.