If you choose to adopt very different dress styles every day, you will get lost. You will be lost in front of your wardrobe and you will have trouble associating your clothes with each other.

Plus, you definitely won’t get the image you really want to get. The others will be lost in front of your different looks. Your clothing message will not be precise enough to be properly interpreted by those around you.

Choosing a dress style is like choosing a goal in life. If you don’t know where you are going, you can’t do it right. If you want to be well dressed and admired for your everyday style, you have to put the odds in your favour to achieve this goal.

You can’t just let yourself go like that and hope that someday it will work. If you think so, all of your money will go into buying new clothes. And all your new clothes will never meet your real expectations.

You will waste your money, the resources of our planet and undermine your morale. Or, you will give up and you will gradually give up the idea of ​​being well dressed every day.

How to Change Dress Style?

You can change your cheap dresses online style quite a bit in the course of your life. You evolve over time and your style must also evolve with you. It is therefore quite normal to change your style over time. Your style will always stick perfectly with the person you are.

Fashionista Top or Flop dress style?

A woman who bases all her style on fashion trends is called a fashionista. Each of the clothing purchases of the fashionista is guided by the trends of the moment.

Just like each of its clothing associations will be guided by fashion trends. This is why a fashionista is regularly found with clothes she no longer wants. She has a large amount of inactive pieces in her wardrobe and is in a perpetual process of renewing her business.

She does not buy to complete the pieces they already have, but to renew them. Finally, the fashionista must spend a lot of money to be able to constantly replace her clothes. This is why she often favours quantity over quality and does her shopping in fast fashion stores, such as Berrylook.

Select the trends according to your dress style

We are not saying that you should absolutely ban any trendy piece from your closet. We just invite you to consume the trendy pieces occasionally and with a long-term vision. This will help you avoid getting caught up in the most fleeting trends.

That is to say, trends that become almost importable once the trend has passed. Opt for fashion trends that take up beautiful timeless pieces of the feminine wardrobe. Timeless pieces that perfectly match your everyday style. So once the trend has passed, you will still wear these pieces for a very long time.

As beautiful timeless items taken up by fashion trends, we have for example:

The original trendy pieces are generally not very elegant and when they disappear, they hardly ever come back. This is why we advise you to avoid them as much as possible if you do not want to find yourself in front of a cupboard chock full of inconsistent pieces that you never wear.